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After researching most of the connecting tents available on the market today, we’ve chosen the Crua Clan Maxx 9+ Modular System as the best overall connectable tent system.

Imagine having a fab time at the camping grounds with your family of three in your five-person tent. Then your in-laws arrive. You’re having a great time, but no one realizes the time. It’s too late for them to drive back, and there’s no extra tent. 

You’re all forced to squeeze into your tent, which was spacious for two people and a toddler and is now, suddenly way, way too small for five people. 

A set of connecting tents would’ve made your camping weekend much nicer (and more spacious).

When you have a set (or two) of connectable tents, you can easily build a tent town (if that’s your intent). It’s like having a multi-room tent, except you can expand how many “rooms” (aka tents) you want or need. 

There aren’t many connecting tents on the market, but we did the research for you. Here are the best connecting tents and a detailed buyer’s guide so you can easily pick the best connectable tents for you and your (ever-growing) family. 

Quick Picks: What Are the Best Connecting Tents? 

We know; time equals money, and time isn’t something you have a lot of. Here’s the quick picks guide for the best connecting tents for your camping needs: 

The Best Connecting Tents

Best Overall: Crua Clan Maxx 9+ Modular System 

Crua Clan Maxx 9+ Modular System 

The Crua Clan Maxx 9+ Modular System is a bundle of three different connecting dome-style tents, so nine or more people can comfortably camp and spend time together. It’s like a mini tent town. 

The whole spirit of the Crua Clan Maxx is the more, the merrier. How you configure the tents is up to you. Plus, you can choose to use the tents individually too. 

Into car camping? Attach the Crua Core canopy to your vehicle for more space and stability. 

Key Features 

  • Easy to pitch and connect with the jumbo zips 
  • Crua pump is included for easy setup of the airframes 
  • 5,000 mm hydrostatic rating 
  • Insulated against noise, light, and temperature 
  • Fire retardant treated
  • 2-year warranty 

Here’s some information about each of the tents in the Crua Clan Maxx Modular System: 

  • Crua Core 

In the bundle is one Crua Core 6-person tent. The tent is spacious and has a covered porch. Get the best of both worlds when you buy the reflective flysheet – use the silver side on top to reflect sunlight and heat away from the tent (best for hot summers), or flip it over so it can help keep heat inside the tent during the colder months. 

  • Crua Duo Maxxs 

The Crua Duo Maxx is a 3-person tent that pairs with the Crua Culla Cocoon Maxx to extend your camping season. 

  • Crua Culla Cocoon Maxx 

The Crua Culla Cocoon Maxx is the thermally insulated version of the Crua Duo Maxx, making this tent setup suitable for 3 and 4-season camping trips. 

The inner cocoon tent helps you create your own comfy space inside your tent town. It’s a blackout and noise-canceling tent, so you can enjoy peace and comfort. 

Best Budget: Coleman 3-Person & 6-Person Connectable Tent Bundle 

Coleman 3-Person & 6-Person Connectable Tent Bundle

Looking for an affordable option? The Coleman 3-Person & 6-Person Connectable Tent Bundle is your answer.

These two tents (the dome 3-person and cabin-style 6-person tents) are freestanding and easily connect to each other and other Coleman connectable tents via a zipper. The configuration depends on how much space you need. Example configurations are: 

  • Start with a 6-person hexagonal “core” tent with three connection points. 
  • Connect three 3-person tents (with one connection point each) to each of the three connection points of the core tent. 
  • Or connect a 6-person tent to one connection point and then two 3-person tents to the other two connection points. 
  • Or connect two 6-person tents and one 3-person tent to the “core” tent, and then connect more tents to build an infinity tent town. 

Key Features 

  • Starter bundle with two tents; can buy more tents to create more rooms 
  • Uses the patented Coleman WeatherTec system with inverted seams, welded corners, and more 
  • E-port 
  • Uses the Coleman-patented Fast Pitch system for easy setup 
  • Comes in carrying bags with wheels 

Best Tunnel Connectable Tents: Qube 2-Person & 4-Person AirBeam Connectable Tents 

Qube 2-Person & 4-Person AirBeam Connectable Tents 

The Qube connectable tents offer something different. Instead of the tent bodies connecting via a zipper system, you need to join one Qube tent to another via a tunnel. 

The Qube tents feature AirBeam technology, so you don’t need to worry about poles. Simply use a pump (and in less than four minutes), and voila! The two tents are pitched. 

Key Features 

  • Easy to pitch
  • Tents are available in 5 colors (the tunnel is gray) 
  • Has a sewn-in groundsheet 
  • 5,000 hydrostatic rating 
  • UPF50+ with a silver lining to reduce the tent’s internal temperature 

The following Qube tents connect together: 

  • Qube Air IV – 4-Person AirBeam Qube 

The Qube Air IV – 4-Person AirBeam Qube uses a modular design to connect tents. You can connect two of these together using the Universal Tunnel, or attach one of these tents with the smaller one. 

  • Qube Air IV – 2.3-Person AirBeam Qube 

Like its bigger cousin, the Qube Air IV – 2/3-Person AirBeam Qube features ample ventilation. 

  • Qube Universal Tunnel 

To connect one Qube tent with another, you need a Qube Universal Tunnel. Simply zip one side of the tunnel to one tent and the other side to the other tent, and your connecting tents are … well … connected. 

Best Connecting Pod Tents: POD 4-Person & 8-Person Elite Connectable Tents 

POD 4-Person & 8-Person Elite Connectable Tents 

For your social camping needs, consider the POD Elite tents you can connect via a tunnel. Use the tents as stand-alones, join them for a communal open-living environment, or use the internal dividers for privacy. 

Key Features

  • The 8-person tent has an internal privacy divider to make it a two-room tent 
  • 5,680 hydrostatic rating 
  • Great peak height
  • Good ventilation with PVC windows, side wall and ceiling ventilation, and door 
  • Set up in 20 to 25 minutes (by two newbies) 

Connect these POD Elite tents together to make a mini tent town: 

  • POD Tent Maxi Elite 

The POD Tent Maxi Elite is an 8-person tent. Opt to connect two to three POD Maxi Elites together with the Elite Tunnel, or connect one Maxi with one to three Minis since you have three connecting points. 

  • POD Tent Mini Elite 

The POD Tent Mini Elite is a 4-person tent with a porch, an external rainfly, and an internal sleeping cell. Since there’s only one connecting point, you can connect two Minis or a Mini to a Maxi. 

  •  POD Elite Tunnel 

Use the POD Elite Tunnel to connect the POD Maxi Elite tents or POD Mini Elite tents together. 

Best Quick Pitching Connecting Tents: Crua Clan 6+ Modular System 

Crua Clan 6+ Modular System 

The Crua Clan 6+ Modular System is very similar to the Crua Clan Maxx 9+ Modular System we looked at. The connecting tents are smaller, so this mini tent town is for fewer people. 

Like the other Crua tents, these also feature AirBeam technology, so your tent is set up in a matter of seconds. 

If you want even more space, attach the hood to your vehicle. 

Key Features 

  • 5,000 mm hydrostatic rating 
  • Pitches in a few minutes 
  • High ventilation with the large and smaller doors, floor and top vents, and bug mesh
  • Crua pump is included 
  • Use each tent separately, or connect them for more space 

Here’s some info about the tents you get in this connecting tent bundle: 

  • Crua Core 

The Crua Core is a 6-person tent with a spacious interior and covered porch. 

  • Crua Duo 

When used on its own, the 2-person Crua Duo is versatile. Use it for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or backpacking. It has an interior sleeping space and a vestibule that can close. 

  • Crua Culla Cocoon 

The 2-person Crua Culla Cocoon is an insulated tent, so you can enjoy the outdoors when it’s cold too. It features patented TT insulation blocks to regulate the interior temperature while blocking out bright light and dampening noises. 

A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Connecting Tents: What Should You Consider? 

POD 4-Person & 8-Person Elite Connectable Tents pitched outdoors

Choosing the best tent isn’t always a walk in the park. When buying connecting tents, you need to know what features (standard and additional) you should consider. 

Currently, there are only two connectable tent methods: 

  1. You zip the tents together at their connecting points (aka additional doorways). 
  2. You need to attach a tunnel to connect one tent to the other. 

The first option is budget-friendly because it means you don’t have the extra expense of buying a tunnel as well. Or buying two to six (or more) tunnels if you want to connect more tents together. 

When it comes to the best connecting tents, the same criteria apply as when choosing any other tent. Essential considerations are: 

  • How many people need to use the tent? Think about living space and sleeping space. 
  • What’s the peak height of the main (or core) tent that you’ll likely use as the living space? Do you want to walk around comfortably, especially if you camp out for extended periods? 
  • Do you need a 2, 3, or 4-season tent? 
  • How much do you have to spend on the connecting tents? Are you looking for a bundle of connectable camping tents, or are you planning on buying one now and then the rest as you have funds available? 

Tent Size and Comfort 

The size of the tent says a lot about how comfortable you and your family or friends will be inside it. It’s essential to look at the total floor area, the peak height, and how many tents you can connect. 

Pro Tip #1: Work on 30 sq ft (2.78 sq m) per person if you want everyone to have enough sleeping, storage, and living space inside the tent. Use the total floor area for all the connectable tents you are attaching, and then divide the total by 30. That’ll tell you how many people can comfortably share the tents. 

Pro Tip #2: Choose a core tent with a higher peak height so you can easily move around in this area. A lower peak height for the connectable tents you use as sleeping “pods” is usually acceptable. 

Brand/Bundle Tent Total Floor AreaL x W Peak Height 
Crua Clan Maxx Crua Core 192 sq. ft
(17.83 sq. m)
16’ x 12’
(4.8 x 3.65 m)
(2.28 m)
Crua Duo
71.5 sq. ft
 (6.64 sq. m)
7.3’ x 9.8’
(2.22 x 2.98 m)
(1.24 m)
Crua Culla
Cocoon Maxx 
43.5 sq. ft
 (4.04 sq. m) 
6.4’ x 6.8’
(1.95 x 2.07 m)
(1.21 m)
Tent Bundle 
Connectable Tent 
48 sq. ft
(4.46 sq. m) 
8’ x 6’
(2.43 x 1.82 m)
(1.46 m)
Connectable Tent
90.4 sq. ft
(8.39 sq. m) 
12’ x 10’
(3.65 x 3.04 m)
(1.92 m)
Qube Connectable
Tunnel Tents 
Qube Air IV
AirBeam Qube 
60.84 sq. ft
(5.65 sq. m) 
7.8’ x 7.8’
(2.37 x 2.37 m)
(2.43 m)
Qube Air II
AirBeam Qube 
39.56 sq. ft
(3.67 sq. m) 
6.29’ x 6.29’
(1.91 x 1.91 m)
(2.09 m)
POD Elite
POD Tent
Maxi Elite 
211.24 sq. ft 
(19.62 sq. m) 
(4.99 m)
(2.69 m)
POD Tent
Mini Elite
147.27 sq. ft
(13.68 sq. m) 
12.46’ x 11.82’
(3.79 x 3.6 m)
(2.19 m)
POD Elite
15.74 sq. ft
(1.46 sq. m) 
3.1’ x 5.08’
(0.94 x 1.54 m) (floor)
 8.66’ (2.63 m)
(1.9 m)
Crua Clan 6+
Modular System 
Crua Core 192 sq. ft
(17.83 sq. m)
16’ x 12’
(4.8 x 3.65 m)
(2.28 m)
Crua Duo48 sq. ft
(4.45 sq. m)
9.8’ x 4.9’
(2.98 x 1.49 m)
(1.24 m)
Crua Culla
29.9 sq. ft
(2.77 sq. m)
6.8’ x 4.4’
(2.07 x 1.34 m)
(1.21 m)

Only the Crua Core and POD Tent Maxi Elite have the largest total floor area for a core tent. Working on 30 sq ft per person, six to seven people will be very comfortable in these spacious interiors and porch areas.

The POD Tent Mini Elite has the biggest total floor area for a sleeping space (or extra living or storage space). But one to two people will be comfortable in all the “smaller” connectable tents.  

Tent Weight and Portability 

A man in a hat carries a packed tent on his shoulder

If you enjoy car camping or camping at established camping grounds, you don’t need to worry too much about how much a tent and all its pitching components weigh. However, if you like to backpack, mountaineer, or hike, it’s always a case of “the lighter, the better.”

With connecting tents, you are looking at a minimum of 28 lbs (12.7 kg) for the core or bigger tent. And then, you need to add the weights of the smaller tents and possibly the tunnels. The lightest “small” tent weight on our list of the best connecting camp tents is the Crua Duo at 5 lbs (2.2 kg), and this tent is ideal if you want to hike, go fishing, or hunt. 

The good news is you can use connectable tents individually, which is why these tents are so versatile. 

Brand/Bundle Tent Weight
Crua Clan Maxx Crua Core 33 lbs
(15 kg) 
Crua Duo Maxxs5.5 lbs
(2.5 kg) 
Crua Culla Cocoon Maxx 16.5 lbs
(7.5 kg) 
Coleman Connectable
Tent Bundle 
Coleman 3-Person Connectable Tent 15 lbs
(6.8 kg)
Coleman 6-Person Connectable Tent28 lbs
(12.7 kg) 
Qube Connectable
Tunnel Tents 
Qube Air IV – 4-Person AirBeam Qube 55.12 lbs
(25 kg) 
Qube Air II – 2/3-Person AirBeam Qube 48.50 lbs
(22 kg)
POD Elite
Connectable Tents 
POD Tent Maxi Elite 52.9 lbs
(24 kg) 
POD Tent Mini Elite28.66 lbs
(13 kg) 
POD Elite Tunnel 11.02 lbs
(5 kg)
Crua Clan 6+
Modular System 
Crua Core 33 lbs
(15 kg) 
Crua Duo5 lbs
(2.2 kg) 
Crua Culla Cocoon15 lbs
(6.8 kg) 

Seasonality, Weather Resistance, and Durability 

Coleman 3-Person & 6-Person Connectable Tents pitched outdoors

No one likes to spend a small fortune on a tent that doesn’t last. That’s why durability, weather resistance, and seasonality are vital factors when tent shopping. 

In short: 

  • Buy a 3-season tent if you camp in spring, summer, and fall. 
  • Buy a 4-season tent if you camp in winter. 
  • Buy a tent with a hydrostatic rating of 3,000 mm plus to ensure it’s fully waterproof. 
  • A waterproof rating of 1,500 mm to 3,000 mm means the tent’s interior will be dry in moderate to slightly heavy rain. 
  • Steel or aluminum poles are durable and offer better structural strength; however, the airframes of the Crua tents hold up well in adverse weather like strong winds. 
Brand/Bundle Tent Seasonality Tent Material 
Crua Clan Maxx 9+ Modular System Crua Core 4-season Breathable polyester with water-resistant outer; airframe 
Crua Duo Maxxs4-seasonBreathable polyester with water-resistant outer; aluminum frame
Crua Culla Cocoon Maxx 4-season Breathable polyester with insulation; airframe
Coleman Connectable Tent Bundle Coleman 3-Person Connectable Tent 3-seasonPolyester outer and rainfly; polyethylene floor; steel and fiberglass frame 
Coleman 6-Person Connectable Tent3-season Polyester outer and rainfly; polyethylene floor; steel and fiberglass frame 
Qube Connectable Tunnel Tents Qube Air IV – 4-Person AirBeam Qube 3-season 300D Oxford silver-lined material; 420D double-line groundsheet
Qube Air II – 2/3-Person AirBeam Qube 3-season 300D Oxford silver-lined material; 420D double-line groundsheet
POD Elite Connectable Tents POD Tent Maxi Elite 3-seasonInner layer is breathable polyester; outer rainfly is Ripstop 210T Nylon with a PU coating; aluminum and steel poles 
POD Tent Mini Elite3-seasonInner layer is breathable polyester; outer rainfly is Ripstop 210T Nylon with a PU coating; aluminum and steel poles 
POD Elite Tunnel 3-season Ripstop 210T Nylon with PU coating; steel pole 
Crua Clan 6+ Modular System Crua Core 4-season Breathable polyester with water-resistant outer; airframe 
Crua Duo4-season Breathable polyester with water-resistant outer; aluminum frame
Crua Culla Cocoon4-season Breathable polyester with insulation; airframe

Pitching Process 

How fast a tent pitches may be a more important consideration to you than for someone else. Some tents feature a fast pitching design and can be set up in a matter of minutes, while others need two people to pitch the tent (which may take 20 to 25 minutes). 

All the Crua tents on our list have AirBeam technology, so you can pitch the tents in a few minutes with the pump that’s included in the modular systems. 

On the other hand, the POD tents will take longer to pitch. To form the central eight-fingered design, you need to insert the six or eight poles (depending on whether it’s a Maxi or Mini tent) into the tent sleeves.  

Your Budget 

Your budget is usually the deciding factor when you need to pick a tent. 

The Coleman 3-Person and 6-Person Starting Connectable Tent Bundle is the best budget-friendly connecting tent set. It retails at around $400.  

The most expensive bundle on the list is the Crua Clan Maxx 9+ Modular System, which sells at about $3,500 (but you do get seven tents in this bundle!).

The good news with connectable tents is that you can invest in a bundle and add extra tents if needed, or you can buy the core tent and later get the other tents. 

Best Connecting Tents FAQs 

What are connectable camping tents? 

Connectable or connecting camping tents are tents that are designed to attach together. You’ll likely have a bigger core tent, and then you can attach the same size or small tents, so everything is mutually interconnected. You can also use connectable tents individually if they are freestanding. 

What’s the capacity of connectable tents for camping? 

The capacity of the connectable camping tents depends on which tents you buy. If you buy the Coleman connecting tents, you can connect however many of these tents as you’d like, while if you buy a Crua modular system, you can connect 4 tents and have a sleeping capacity for at least 6 people. 

Why would you want to connect tents together? 

Connecting tents together has various purposes. One, they are versatile as you can use the tents on their own or connect them when you need to accommodate more people on a camping trip. Two, a family or group of friends has a communal living space, and each person or couple have separate sleeping quarters. 

How can you connect tents together? 

Buying connectable tents is the easiest way to attach two tents together. Depending on the design, you can zip one tent to another. Or, you need to use a tunnel to connect the camping tents. Other options include creating a tarp hallway or using a binder clip to attach tents to each other. 

What are connectable tent alternatives? 

If you don’t want to buy a connectable tent, you can opt for a multi-room tent. Alternatively, you can use a binder clip to connect the tents’ doors, set up a tarp hallway from one tent to the other, or use a large canopy and fit part of a smaller tent inside.

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