Eureka Tetragon NX 3 Person Tent

The Tetragon NX 3 person tent is an updated version of the manufacturer’s hugely popular Tetragon model. This affordable, durable three-season tent supported by a fiberglass frame will suit the casual camper.

Comfort and Space

A man sits in a chair and looks at his family playing in the Eureka Tetragon NX 3 Person Tent

When Eureka! says it fits three people, it indeed fits three comfortably, contrary to many other tent manufacturers who actually mean “three can fit if it comes down to it”. 

With an interior floor space in a single room of 84 in x 84 in (213 cm x 213.4 cm) and a floor area of 49 square feet / 4.6 sqm, there’s plenty of room and shoulder space to move around. 

The interior peak height of 4ft 4in (130 cm) isn’t the best, and tall people might be a little cramped, especially with the sloping walls that are characteristic of all dome tents. 

Similar to the 2-person and 4-person tents by the same manufacturer, the Tetragon NX 3 person tent lacks a vestibule, which means you’ll have to find an alternative spot for those soggy shoes if you run into some rain. 

There is a gear loft and 2 storage pockets to stash your stuff, and the hooded rainfly keeps the moisture away from the one main door during rainy weather. 

Breathability and Ventilation

Two big mesh windows located on each side keep the bugs out but the air flowing. Although the back panel of the tent doesn’t have a window, it has an opening along the roof line, allowing for more ventilation.

Eureka Tetragon NX 3 Person Tent ventilation and gear pocket

In addition, the hooded rainfly also promotes airflow from the front of the tent. While you wouldn’t be camping in this tent in deep snow and sub-zero temperatures, this tent stays relatively warm even in colder weather when it goes down to near freezing. 

The Tetragon NX 3 person tent is known to be hot on warm nights, and while leaving the polyester rainfly out at night will keep you nice and cool, it isn’t feasible on nights with unpredictable weather. 

Eureka Tetragon NX 3 Person Tent

Weather Resistance

The Tetragon NX 3 person tent is a sturdy tent that holds up relatively well to moderate to strong winds compared to other budget tents. Staking down the tent well will go a long way toward ensuring an uninterrupted sleep, even if the winds pick up. 

There have been no reports of the rainfly or tent leaking, while despite being fiberglass, the tent poles and fly poles hold up well to strong winds. 

However, the lack of a vestibule lends some difficulties stashing your boots and shoes in rainy weather. In addition, the tent might be a little too hot for extremely hot nights in the height of summer. 


The floor and rainfly material is made of 63D (denier) polyester while the mesh walls are made of 40D.

When it comes to fabrics like polyester, one of the most important things to consider is the denier. Denier is a unit of measurement that refers to the thickness of the fibers used in the fabric. 

The higher the denier, the thicker the fibers and the more durable the fabric. Fabric with a high denier count is often more expensive, but it is also more resistant to wear and tear. 

The main 8.5mm tent poles and the 7.9mm fly poles are made of lightweight fiberglass, which is significantly cheaper than the aluminum poles found on the higher-quality tents. Aluminum tents are lighter and more durable, but fiberglass poles are more rust and corrosion-resistant. 

While aluminum poles are typically preferable, if you are a casual camper that does an overnighter every once in a while, fiberglass poles will do just fine. 

Ease of Use

With clear, easy-to-follow instructions sewn into the packing bag, the Tetragon NX 3 person tent is one of the easiest tents to set up, even for just one inexperienced camper. 

How to set up Eureka Tetragon NX 3 tent:

  1. First, unpack and unroll the tent out of the carry bag. 
  1. Find the four corners with the rings.
  1. Assemble the two main frame poles.
  1. Lay the two main poles diagonally across the tent.
  1. Insert the end of the poles into the rings. 
  1. Attach all the tent clips to the frame. 
  1. The tent should be standing freely. Stake the four corners.
  1. Now comes the rainfly. Lay the rainfly on the ground, with the underside upwards.
  1. You’ll have to attach the rainfly to the fly poles. Insert the fly poles into the rod pockets, then place the whole thing over the tent frame. 
  1. Look for 8 pieces of velcro underneath the rain fly, and attach them to the main tent frame. 
  1. Attach the four corner hooks of the rainfly to the tent, and you’re done! 

The Tetragon NX 3 person tent is super easy to set up and can be pitched in minutes, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your trip.

Packed Size and Weight

The Tetragon NX 3 person tent has a minimum weight of 6 lbs 5 oz (2.9 kg) and a packed size of 5 in x 22 in (13 cm x 56 cm).

Eureka Tetragon NX 3 Person Tent packed size

It will not be the easiest to strap onto a backpack and hike 10 miles into the forest, but it will do just fine for a casual camping trip or be a perfect complement to car camping. 

This tent is comparable to the Clostnature 3-person lightweight backpacking tent that weighs 6.4 lbs ( 2.9 kg) and is a smidge lighter than the Bessport 3-person which weighs in at 6.9 lbs (3.1 kg). 

Pros and Cons


  • Super affordable
  • Roomy and will fit three people comfortably
  • Relatively light
  • Reliably waterproof
  • Durable and will last years


  • Best in fair weather 
  • Not the best at ventilating


Comfort and Space8.5/10
Weather Resistance8
Ease of Setup7.5/10
Size and Weight7.5/10
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